Accurate options for early diagnosis.

If left untreated, autoimmune liver disease can lead to cirrhosis and liver failure. That’s why we offer a comprehensive list of test options for the diagnosis of this prevalent disease, including QUANTA Flash® LKM­1, QUANTA Flash M2 (MIT3), QUANTA Lite® PBC Screen, and NOVA Lite® F­-Actin. These tests contain the most clinically relevant, high-quality antigens for excellent accuracy.

  • Improved patient care.
    We help improve patient care by giving clinicians the testing options they need to provide timely, accurate differential diagnoses and begin treatment plans right away.
  • Confident lab technicians.
    When labs use high-quality tests that correlate with clinical disease parameters, they feel confident in the results that they report to clinicians.
  • Accurate insight for clinical diagnoses.
    High-quality test with exceptional accuracy provide clinicians with additional insight into diseases which are difficult to diagnose.