Technical support

Our Support Team

As part of our “Total Solutions” approach, Werfen offers complete Technical Support and Service. We are dedicated to continuous quality improvement of our services and support, and always welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Technical Support Center
Our highly skilled and technical content experts are here to provide support, 24/7.
We have specialists in Product Line Support, Data Management and Technical Support. Call us any time at 800-678-0710 or email

Field Service
Our team of Field Service Engineers (FSEs) provides on-site preventative maintenance and service for instruments. Operating from locations across North America, each with a full inventory of parts, our FSEs reach customers quickly and come prepared. Werfen Service agreements are available.
For more information, call us any time at 800-678-0710 or e-mail

Clinical Applications Support
Our team of Clinical Applications Consultants performs installations, assists with analyzer verification and trains laboratory staff on all Werfen systems, as well as provides ongoing clinical support, education, and regulatory and compliance consultation.

Information Technology Support
Our team of IT Solutions Architects and IT Solutions Implementation Engineers install and train customers on our data management solutions, from GEMweb Plus 500 Custom Connectivity to HemoHub Intelligent Data Management.