Specialty testing as simple as routine
Antithrombin (AT)
HemosIL Liquid AT is the only ready-to-use AT assay and features enhanced reagent stability and improved onboard stability. Convenient to use and available in three kit sizes to address all test volume requirements. 

The first fully automated, immunoturbidimetric assay for Hemostasis testing. Featuring linearity up to 60 µmol/L, the assay is designed for use with citrated plasma and can be incorporated into a thrombophilia panel. 

Protein C Pathway
Includes Protein C and S, as well as a chromogenic Protein C assay (activity), all with excellent stability, linearity and specificity. Free Protein S reagent features the affinity of a polyclonal antibody and the specificity of a monoclonal antibody for enhanced analytical performance. 

Activated Protein C (APC) Resistance
Includes a test for APC resistance caused by the Factor V:Q506 mutation that allows highly specific FV Leiden detection with >99% sensitivity. Test results not affected by oral anticoagulant or heparin present in plasma samples (up to 1 U/mL). 

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