Optimal Patient Blood Management and efficiency

Guiding Patient Blood Management with ROTEM systems may reduce unnecessary transfusions, re-operation and infection rates and hospital length of stay, enhancing efficiency and patient care.  

  • Rapid patient management decisions
    Results from ROTEM delta analysis, available within 5-10 minutes, help optimize patient treatment and monitor results. Four channels and a comprehensive reagent portfolio aid in the evaluation of coagulopathies. Simplified and rapid interpretation, real-time results, and remote viewing capabilities allow for enhanced patient management decisions.
  • Advanced technology for quantitative and qualitative results
    Measuring clot elasticity of whole blood samples, the ROTEM delta system enables both quantitative and qualitative assessment of clot status. Vibration-resistant stabilized thromboelastometry with 24-hour internal, mechanical monitoring.
  • Easy and safe handling
    Automated pipetting for standardized volumes. Single-use reagents for fast and reliable results. Intuitive touchscreen. Integrated training program and trouble-shooting.

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