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We are committed to innovation in Hemostasis in vitro diagnostic testing, spanning lab and point-of-care settings. Our comprehensive line of products are intuitive, reliable, and intelligent. Coupled with our dedication to support, we strive to meet the needs of large laboratory networks and small hospitals, alike. Only IL offers industry-leading ACL TOP Hemostasis Testing Systems, HemoCell Specialized Lab Automation, HemosIL Assays, and HemoHub Intelligent Data Manager.

If your goals include improving quality, efficiency and patient care, while reducing costs, there is an IL Hemostasis testing solution for you.


A breakthrough in Hemostasis testing,  ACL TOP Family 50 Series systems offer the most advanced automation and quality management, for routine to specialty testing.  Designed for mid- to high-volume clinical laboratories, including those with Lab Automation tracks, all models are standardized for superior performance across the entire testing process.  Automated pre-analytical sample integrity checks, advanced quality and accreditation support with enhanced system security, assure quality results and lab efficiency. 

Extending standardization beyond the analytical phase.



The world’s first lab automation solution designed specifically for Hemostasis testing, HemoCell Specialized Lab Automation is a customizable and fully automated workcell.  Integrating the best-in-class ACL TOP 750 LAS testing systems, HemoHub Intelligent Data Manager, HemosIL reagents and a Laboratory Automation track, HemoCell optimizes testing to achieve greater efficiencies, reduced cost and enhanced quality.

Hemostasis Specialization with Lab Automation Efficiency


Our complete line of automated assays delivers unmatched quality and ease of use—for assured results and efficiency in Hemostasis testing.  Featuring integrated assay panels for disease state management, HemosIL assays help guide pathways to positive patient outcomes.


HemosIL® Reagents

General Screening and Anticoagulant Testing

Direct Oral Anticoagulant Measurement

Fibrin formation and degradation

Antiphospholipid Syndrome

Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia

von Willebrand Disease



Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura

Coagulation Factors

Calibrators and Controls



Chromogenic Substrates

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