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Designed to Enable Time-Critical Clinical Decisions in Cardiac Surgery

July 25, 2022 - Bedford, MA

Werfen today announced the worldwide commercial release of GEMweb Live, a real-time onscreen viewer of diagnostic test results for cardiac surgical procedures. Comprehensive, rapid test results are viewed in real-time on one screen, designed to help guide goal-directed therapy and other critical needs—before, during and after surgery.

A digital solution, GEMweb Live coordinates care, enabling time-critical clinical decisions in the cardiovascular operating room (CVOR) by displaying consolidated results. Acute Care Diagnostic systems that can be connected to GEMweb Live include: VerifyNow™ platelet-reactivity system; ROTEM sigma* and delta thromboelastometry systems; GEM Premier 5000 blood gas testing system; and GEM Hemochron™ 100 and Hemochron Signature Elite whole blood hemostasis systems.

“Previously, results were viewed on multiple screens or multiple printouts, hand-delivered to the CVOR. Now, GEMweb Live delivers real-time results throughout a cardiac procedure in one glance. This improves efficiency and allows clinicians to make key decisions when time is precious,” said Remo Tazzi, Vice President, Worldwide Marketing and Service, Hemostasis and Acute Care Diagnostics at Werfen. “Customer response to GEMweb Live has been extremely positive in the US and Europe, and we look forward to continuing commercialization throughout the world in the months ahead.”

A multidisciplinary approach to patient management, GEMweb Live supports operational efficiency during time-sensitive procedures such as cardiac surgery. Platelet function, from VerifyNow, is demonstrated to help identify bleeding risk from antiplatelet therapy (e.g., clopidogrel)†; blood viscosity, from ROTEM delta and sigma, is demonstrated to help guide transfusion decisions perioperatively†; total hemoglobin, from GEM Premier 5000, is demonstrated to help guide red cell transfusion decisions,† in addition to respiratory status and electrolyte balance; and activated clotting time, from GEM Hemochron 100 and Hemochron Signature Elite systems, monitors unfractionated heparin and can help guide reversal†.

About Werfen’s Acute Care Diagnostics Portfolio

GEMweb Live is part of Werfen’s integrated and comprehensive Acute Care Diagnostics product portfolio—helping clinicians and laboratorians achieve better patient outcomes, lower total cost of care, assure accreditation compliance and improve operational efficiency in hospital acute care settings. For Whole Blood Hemostasis testing, ROTEM thromboelastometry systems, VerifyNow platelet-reactivity testing system, the GEM Hemochron 100 and Hemochron Signature Elite systems inform key clinical decisions regarding transfusion, bleeding risk and heparin dose adjustment during surgical and interventional procedures. For Blood Gas testing, the GEM Premier family, including GEM Premier 5000 and 3500 systems, and Avoximeter™ portable CO-Oximeters, simplify POC operations by automating key labor- and skill-intensive tasks, including quality management and system maintenance. From CVORs and Catheterization Labs, to Intensive Care Units and Emergency Departments, whole-blood, cartridge-based instruments with integrated data management solutions from Werfen help hospitals improve efficiency and enhance patient care.

*Not available in all countries.
†With defined clinical information, processes and procedures.
Data in this release on file at Werfen.

About Werfen

Werfen (, founded in 1966, is a worldwide developer, manufacturer and distributor of specialized diagnostic instruments, related reagents, automation workcells, and data management solutions for use primarily in hospitals and independent clinical laboratories. The Company’s business lines include Hemostasis, Acute Care Diagnostics (ACD), Autoimmunity, and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM). Werfen’s Hemostasis portfolio includes ACL TOP® Family 50 Series and ACL TOP Family Hemostasis Testing Systems, ACL AcuStar® system, ACL Elite® systems, HemoCell™ Specialized Lab Automation, HemoHub™ Intelligent Data Manager, along with the comprehensive line of HemosIL® assays. The ACD portfolio includes the GEM® Premier™ 5000 system with Intelligent Quality Management 2 (iQM®2), GEM Premier 3500 system with iQM, GEM Premier ChemSTAT™ system, GEMweb® Plus Custom Connectivity, ROTEM® thromboelastometry systems, Hemochron™ systems, VerifyNow™ platelet-function testing system, and Avoximeter™ CO-Oximeters. The Autoimmunity portfolio includes Aptiva®, BIO-FLASH®, NOVA View®, AUTOLoader and QUANTA-Lyser® 3000 systems, and QUANTA Link® data management solutions. The OEM business line offers services for end-to-end development and manufacturing of customized immunoassays and biomaterials for diagnostic companies.

The Werfen logo is a trademark of Werfen. GEM, Premier, GEM Premier ChemSTAT, GEMweb, iQM, ChemSTAT, HemosIL, ACL, ACL TOP, ACL Elite, ACL AcuStar, ReadiPlasTin, RecombiPlasTin, SynthASil, SynthAFax, ROTEM, Hemochron, VerifyNow and Avoximeter are trademarks of Instrumentation Laboratory Company (d.b.a. Werfen) and/or one of its subsidiaries or parent companies and may be registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office and in other jurisdictions. Aptiva, QUANTA-Lyser, QUANTA Lite, QUANTA Link, QUANTA Flash, NOVA View, NOVA Lite are registered trademarks of Inova Diagnostics, Inc. (d.b.a. Werfen).  BIO-FLASH is a registered trademark of Biokit S.A. All other product names, company names, marks, logos, and symbols are trademarks of their respective owners.


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