Getting to treatment earlier.

CTD refers to a variety of autoimmune disorders with signs and symptoms that overlap with various other diseases, making diagnosis very difficult. That’s why we offer a comprehensive line of test options including NOVA Lite®, QUANTA Lite®, and QUANTA Flash® assays. We continue to develop new assays to help diagnose and stratify CTD disorders, like ­HMGCR for necrotizing myopathy.

  • Giving patients earlier answers.
    Patients gain confidence when their diagnosis is supported by clinical labs results. New biomarkers like HMGCR help confirm a diagnosis in areas such as necrotizing myopathy where existing tests don’t cover all forms of the disease.
  • Improving workflow in the lab.
    Assays like QUANTA Flash dsDNA, utilize random access testing to eliminate batching and improve efficiency in your lab.
  • Enhancing clinical diagnosis and assessment.
    Clinicians appreciate the excellent performance characteristics of our CTD assays to aid in the assessment of complex symptoms and diseases.


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