One Company. One Team. One Name.

We have made some exciting changes: our entire organization is now unified as one Company, with one name and one brand—Werfen. While Instrumentation Laboratory, Inova Diagnostics and Biokit have been Werfen companies for many years, we will now all be known as Werfen, with the same vision and mission. Our new strong and singular logo signifies unity in our quest to deliver innovation after innovation, enhancing patient care around the world. In the midst of these changes, it is important to reinforce: we remain, steadfastly, a Specialized Diagnostics company.

*Instrumentation Laboratory Company, Inova Diagnostics, Inc. and Biokit S.A. will remain legal entities that are part of Werfen.


GEM Premier ChemSTAT

Basic Metabolic Panel. STAT.

Introducing the new GEM Premier ChemSTAT, a rapid Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) whole-blood analyzer with a menu customized for the Emergency Department, including lab-quality creatinine results. Advanced connectivity with Intelligent Quality Management (iQM) ensures Simplicity at the point of care and expedited time to triage and treatment.


Hemostasis automation that works on so many levels.

HemoCell Specialized Lab Automation automates the entire Hemostasis testing workflow, enhancing quality and efficiency in your lab. Featuring the ACL TOP® 750 LAS and HemoHub™ Intelligent Data Manager, it’s the only workcell to combine the leading Hemostasis testing system with specialized lab automation. And, customized to your lab’s specific needs, HemoCell is designed to provide the automation right for you.


Our latest innovations

Automating the IFA Laboratory

Automating the IFA Laboratory

NOVA View is an automated fluorescence microscope for the autoimmune laboratory. NOVA View uses digital IFA technology to acquire and display digital images for analysis, helping to reduce transcription errors that can occur during manual interpretation. Single well titer determination saves time and minimizes the number of IFA wells needed for interpretation.

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Our customer commitment

When it comes to our customers, we strive to provide the most comprehensive Technical Support and Client Services, to ensure requirements are met, optimize system performance and provide training. 


Bringing next-generation solutions to life

We recognize that each employee is essential to our success. That’s why we’ve built an environment that nurtures, supports and rewards the unique contributions of every individual.