Immucor, Inc. is now part of Werfen.

On March 15, 2023 Werfen completed the acquisition of Immucor, Inc., a privately held, US-based company, in the in vitro diagnostics sector, with a solid global presence in the Transfusion and Transplant markets.


GEM Hemochron 100 logo with the instrument

The one to rely on when seconds count.

Introducing the GEM Hemochron 100 whole blood hemostasis system, delivering quality results for monitoring and guiding unfractionated heparin therapy during cardiovascular procedures, including cardiac ablation and extracorporeal life support. The GEM Hemochron 100 is fast, simple and connected. 


Hemostasis automation that works on so many levels.

HemoCell Specialized Lab Automation automates the entire Hemostasis testing workflow, enhancing quality and efficiency in your lab. Featuring the ACL TOP 750 LAS and HemoHub Intelligent Data Manager, it’s the only workcell to combine the leading Hemostasis testing system with specialized lab automation. And, customized to your lab’s specific needs, HemoCell is designed to provide the automation right for you.


Our latest innovations



Realize the full potential of multi-analyte testing with Aptiva’s Particle-based Multi-Analyte Technology (PMAT). With Aptiva®, streamline your workflow, deliver excellent clinical performance and diagnostic confidence.


Fully automated viscoelastic testing at the POC

ROTEM sigma is an easy-to-use, cartridge based viscoelastic testing system that delivers rapid results at the point of care (POC) to guide bleeding management. Used to assess critical bleeding situations, ROTEM TEMograms provide clear, real-time clinical information, enabling clinicians to optimize hemostasis while minimizing blood loss and blood-product exposure—key goals of Patient Blood Management (PBM) programs.

Rotem Sigma


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When it comes to our customers, we strive to provide the most comprehensive Technical Support and Client Services, to ensure requirements are met, optimize system performance and provide training. 


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We recognize that each employee is essential to our success. That’s why we’ve built an environment that nurtures, supports and rewards the unique contributions of every individual.