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Lead your lab to the forefront of Autoimmune diagnostics

Realize the full potential of multi-analyte testing with Aptiva’s Particle-based Multi-Analyte Technology (PMAT). With Aptiva®, streamline your workflow, deliver excellent clinical performance and diagnostic confidence.


Increase efficiency, enhance throughput, and improve your turnaround time

Generates up to 720 results per hour

Holds 150 primary patient tubes

6.5-hour consumable walkaway time

Time to first or STAT sample result/s

Time to next sample result/s

Advance patient care through increased diagnostic confidence

Autoimmune diagnosis is complex. Clinical symptoms vary, and often overlap with those of other diseases. For many patients with Autoimmune diseases, it may take years to receive a correct diagnosis and involve visits with up to 4 clinicians 1, 2, 3. Disease may progress before an accurate diagnosis can be made, and become more costly to treat 4, 5.

Aptiva delivers a more complete diagnostic profile to support clinical decision-making:

  • Simultaneous detection of multiple autoantibodies improves diagnostic power
  • Antibody profiles improve risk stratification and the probability of accurate diagnosis
  • Supports clinical utility for better patient management 6, 7, 8

Intuitive touchscreen

Icon-driven software

Cuvette tower

Easily replenish during instrument operation

Dedicated probes

Eliminates carryover and improves throughput

Reagent carousel

Holds 20 cartridges

Sample bay

Holds 150 primary samples with continuous load in random access

Cuvette dry waste drawer

Ease of access

RFID reader

Records consumable identity

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