Quality Policy
Quality Policy

The quality policy derives from our company philosophy and is based on the following points:

  • Commercialize products with high technological quality level which fulfill all requirements from the clients´ as well as from a legal and regulatory standpoint.
  • Be constantly up to date concerning technological developements in order to be able to offer state of the art solutions to our clients.
  • Establish and operate an efficient After Sales Service to serve the client covering: continued user training, specialised technical service and hotline/helpline for enquiries or equipment breakdown.
  • Guarantee that clients receive a service which meets their expectations.
  • Establish and measure employee satisfaction guaranteeing their continued education and preparation for professional and technological innovations from the market. In this way, achieve an atmosphere of positive communication and trust among Werfen employees.
  • Contribute to the progress in society by improving quality of life through technological progress.
  • Encourage the organization to meet these quality objectives.

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Quality Policy
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