Guiding optimal treatment in hospital Acute Care settings

Our analyzers, reagents and information management products help guide optimal treatment of patients in hospital Acute Care settings. Easy-to-use, cartridge-based systems require little or no maintenance, state-of-the-art Quality Management ensures quality results, while advanced Connectivity is integrated into a single device and data management solution within hospitals and networks. Ultimately, our Acute Care Diagnostics help ensure better patient outcomes, lower total cost of care, assure regulatory compliance and enhance operational efficiency. 

What is Acute Care?

Acute Care includes the health system components, or care delivery platforms, used to treat sudden, often unexpected, urgent or emergent episodes of injury and illness that can lead to death or disability without rapid intervention. The term “acute care” encompasses a range of clinical healthcare functions, including emergency medicine, trauma care, pre-hospital emergency care, acute care surgery, critical care, urgent care and short-term inpatient stabilization.*

*Bulletin of the World Health Organization.  2013;91:386-8.