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Overcoming Challenges Together IV

June 8, 2021 - Spain

Biokit Manufacturing Capabilities are aligned with our partner needs

Ageing populations and changing lifestyles are causing an increase in serious health conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. This scenario, exacerbated by the changing focus in healthcare from treatment to prevention, is leading to a growth in demand for diagnostic services.

Due to the changing market, major IVD players will have to meet increased demand for IVD products, while remaining innovative, reliable, and focused on quality.

At Biokit, we work alongside our partners to overcome their challenges, such as meeting increases in demand for key immunoassays

Our Approach

In order to meet the increase in demand for a key latex-based immunoassay by one of our key partners, our operations team examined what the best approach to address this challenge could be. The approach selected was to optimise the manufacturing process by industrialising certain manual manufacturing steps to then streamline the scale-up of the reagent manufacturing process.

overcoming challenges together: OEM diagnostic manufacturing capabilities


As a result of this optimisation, the manufacturing volume for latex particles increased by 90% while for the reaction buffer the volume increased by 100%. What is more, the manufacturing time was reduced by 2.5-fold while keeping the same product formulation, final product functionality and final product specifications.

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