Operational excellence is a strategic pillar

A culture and methodology Operational Excellence empower employees to improve our day-to-day business activities and to increase quality and productivity, creating a work experience that is reflected in our products and customer loyalty.  

Excellence in process

Customer focus

The standardization and application of Lean Six Sigma methodology across the organization’s different processes allows us to continuously implement best practices, engage in constant monitoring and identify ways to improve the ways in which we create and deliver value to our customers.  

Excellence in products

Culture of quality

Our executive and leadership teams and staff are all responsible for every aspect of quality through deployment of the quality management system, seeking to continually improve by constantly reviewing and assessing processes, products and people. 

Leadership excellence

High-performance employees

Werfen employees are a passionate team that prioritizes the quality of our products and processes in the workplace environment. The company’s culture of Operational Excellence and our employees’ skills and talent in delivering continuous improvement and innovation drive results and achieve customer satisfaction. Werfen empowers its employees to be a part of the business and work experience improvement efforts by involving them in driving talent development activities.

Technology excellence

Towards industry 4.0

The OEM Technology Center is progressing in the use of industry 4.0 tools.  

We are continuously evaluating options to digitally transform and improve our processes to meet customer requirements.