Striving for continuous improvement

Keeping our focus on excellent performance to manage time to market and uncertainty. 

Our state-of-the art facilities provide us with the necessary assets and capabilities for our operations to meet our customers’ needs while fulfilling the highest standards of quality, service and efficiency. 


Speed, efficiency and reliability in the transfer of products

In order to ensure success, two sections are involved in this process: 
Our Product Transfer Department has the main objective of ensuring that when a new product arrives at manufacturing, whether it is a new biomaterial or a final product, everything needed is ready and available: qualified equipment, manufacturing procedures, validation records and filling and packaging procedures. 

Our Technical Support Department participates in the transfer of new products from R&D to manufacturing and assists the manufacturing department to guarantee the correct performance of the products. 

Biobank, broad range of samples

>50,000 samples available

All our projects (assay development, biotechnology and innovation) can benefit from the samples archived in our biobank. 

Samples are used for product development, proof of performance and verification & validation studies (sensitivity, specificity, clinical performance, sample stability, cross-reactivity and sample matrix studies, among others). 

These samples have been sourced from 22 suppliers — universities, laboratories and commercial vendors — in Europe and the USA. 

The implementation of a sample management software program provides our valuable biobank with security, traceability, data integrity, automatic import, location hierarchy and easy-to-use search tools.