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February 02, 2019
Job Function

About the Position

Title of position: QA TEAM
Location: Barcelona (Spain)

Name of Department: IT Quality Assurance

This position reports to: IT QA Director 

Number of direct reports (and total number of team members) reporting to this position: 0


Position Summary

The main functions of this job are:


  • IT documentation.
  • WW Users Maintenance.
  • SAP support.
  • Trainings.
  • CRM Mains.
  • Support in IT Audits.


In detail, this position involves handling with the management and revision of all the documents received through change orders of IT processes validation and procedures.

Give support to the worldwide users’ requests, solving their issues and updating their authorizations, or creating and deleting users in SAP and other applications (FIORI, LOTUS, VERSE…).

The formal check of the changes done in the system by the development department through SCRs it is also part of our daily work.

This department is in charge of the creation and management of all training sessions in IT. Creation and maintenance of the Main accounts for all the company it is centralized in IT Quality Assurance in order to assure there are no duplicates in the main customer database.

Assist in audits related to the IT department.


Key Accountabilities:

  • Implementation: Implementation, working with those in charge, of: plans, manuals, procedures, processes’ documentation, records, documentation improvement, new services’ documentation and any other documentation of IT service management. Promote the implementation of the management of IT system in the department.
  • Maintenance and Modification: Management of the library's documentation IT: review documentation workflows, make documentation available, maintenance and modification of the management system documentation, management and control of standard documentation (developed by IT) for the use of the organization in what it considers appropriate (for instance: financial, management audit of the quality…).
  • Monitoring: Report to the Quality Manager IT WW on the development of the service management system, showing the relevant problems. Monitoring of the documentation of the IT service management system.
  • Review: Changes in the system received in IT QA requirements. At documentary level, response to the requirements of the management system IT QA for the formal completion of the change.
  • Internal Customer Services: Assist staff involved in the development of the system of IT service management in the preparation of relevant documentation. Attend staff IT in the necessary internal requirements of the organization as external policies for the IT service management. Give adequate documentation and support throughout the department to comply with the rules, requirements and policies internal and external relating to the service management. Resolution of user profile incidences and practical explanation of the access to the SAP environment.
  • Users Maintenance: Register – Unregister users at the system, change passwords and unlock entries to the system, add – delete roles, add – delete ABAPS and tables, etc.
  • Implement the Requests Processed by Users: Assignation of user’s authorization profiles, add / delete transactions and add / delete authorization objects.
  • Collaboration with other IT Teams: Support to the rest of IT teams.


Budget managed (if applicable)



Internal Networking/Key relationships

All the departments of the company.



Skills & Capabilities:

  • Rigor and Method: Ability to proceed with care, precision and special attention in details, applying a systematic approach and constant control, follow-up and verification of the results, which will be reaching. Strong organization skills with a problem-solving attitude
  • Information Management: Ability to obtain relevant information from various sources attending a few specific objectives and to sort it and treat it, selecting the most important, giving priority to it and drawing the appropriate conclusions.
  • Communication: Ability to express information clearly and concisely, orally and in writing, in the different registers, environments and communication channels, ensuring understanding and identifying the reactions from the receiver.
  • Empathy and Active Listening: Ability to listen to others, capture and understand their concerns, interests and feelings, and to respond in an appropriate way, generating a positive relational climate.
  • Team Work: Ability to collaborate, participate and coordinate actively with working groups defined in order to achieve common goals.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Ability to adapt own behaviour to different contexts, changing situations or ambiguity, media and people, in a prompt and appropriate way and without losing the sense of the role at any time.


  • Resilience: Being able to work under stress/ pressure.


Min Knowledge & Experience required for the position:

  • Minimum of work experience as an Administrative, Administrative Officer, Receptionist, Customer Service or Doc Control.
  • Language fluency: High Catalan and Spanish and medium English.
  • Experience with office management tools as Microsoft Office (Excel and Word in particular).
  • Valuable previous experience with SAP tooling.
  • High school diploma; additional qualifications in Quality Assurance are a plus.


International Mobility:

  • Required: No


Travel requirements:

  • N/A

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