Product Planning & Analysis Specialist

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Mainland China

About the Position


1. Tracks the execution of product procurement and delivery through the system, coordinate with overseas planning departments to meet domestic supply needs.  

2. Provides support according to the internal and external data needs of the supply chain, pays special attention to the change of purchase, sale and inventory data, actively data monitoring and early warning of each link of the supply chain (inventory analysis, cost analysis, etc.). Analyzes the supply status with data and generates the project analysis report.  

3. Sorts out business line data, monitors data fluctuations and anomalies, promotes data visualization, improves supply chain data analysis efficiency and data value transformation, and provides detailed data sources for department directors to improve supply chain.  

4. Coordinates and communicates with other departments, collects and gives feedback for business data and related issues.  

5. Other analysis and coordination work within the department.  

 Job Requirements:  

1. Bachelor’s degree or above. Major in supply chain, statistics or related disciplines is preferred.  

2. At least 2 years purchasing plan execution or data analysis related working experience.  Experience in medical device, logistics/supply chain company, internet/E-commerce company is preferred.  

3. Proficient in MS Excel, MS Access/SQL, and ERP system.  Ability to operate SAP system is preferred.  

4. Knowledge of supply chain. Strong interest in data analysis, strong logical analysis ability, strong data sensitivity, data analysis and extraction and induction ability.  

5. Strong learning ability and ability to work under pressure, excellent communication skills, good team spirit and excellent time management skills.  

6. Good English reading and writing skills, good oral English communication.