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Title of position: Marketing Director

Name of Department: Marketing

This position reports to: Mexico General Manager

Number of direct reports (and total number of team members) reporting to this position: 6 direct reports (30 people in Marketing)                               

Position Summary

This position supports, reviews and monitors the design and execution of the Marketing plans prepared by the Business Unit Managers (BUM), in accordance with the company's general strategies. It works together with the sales force in the achievement of sales and commercial objectives. Review and improve the processes linked to the department. Manage the marketing budget.

Key Accountabilities

  • Supervises the strategies and objectives defined by the BUMs for each of the Business Units.
  • Supports, coordinates and develops the different BUM's under his responsibility.
  • Keeps the General Director informed of the evolution of the different BUs, including threats and market opportunities.
  • In collaboration with the BUM's, it guarantees that all product / service launches are carried out under the same pattern, maintaining a clear message of value proposition to our customers.
  • Ensures the alignment of BU Marketing actions with the company's strategic objectives
  • Fosters the search for new business opportunities by the BUMs.
  • Advises the fulfillment of the requirements of quality systems; procedures, audits, corrective actions, etc.
  • Participates in the preparation of the Budget and is jointly responsible for its achievement, monitoring the P & L by BU.
  • Proposes the marketing budgets of the company and collaborates in the definition of the different promotional activities together with the head of sales and BUM's.
  • Identifies common problems of the BU, proposing unique solutions and seeking the simplification of processes for greater efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Maintain fluid communication through your team with the SBU's. Supervises the relationships and establishes, together with the BUMs, the agreements and contracts with the main representatives of each of the assigned BUs.
  • Selects its employees, evaluates them and suggests remuneration (fixed, variable, bonus) in accordance with the objectives and the company's remuneration policy.
  • Ensures a correct level of training of the different members of the BU and commercial. In addition, it ensures that customer training is done under the same protocol and homogeneous level of information.
  • Maintains a fluid relationship with the different opinion leaders, conducts visits to clients and encourages collaboration agreements, in coordination with the commercial force and BUM's.
  • Knows in an updated way the actions of the competition.
  • Projects common strategies in all the delegations and commercial area.
  • Supervises the development of any promotional material including digital type.
  • Supervises the development of projects, creating multidisciplinary teams for its management.
  • Continuously seeks organizational improvement and all processes linked to the department.
  • Actively works to improve the profitability of the company, seeking to improve sales margins and optimize scrap, CI, Demos and travel expenses. Ensures through the BUM's the profitability of the installed base of fixed assets.
  • Through the BUM's. ensures the proper functioning of the team of application specialists, reviewing performance metrics and customer service.
  • Supports and follows up on the BUMs in the rest of the responsibilities described for the Business Unit Manager position.
  • Is responsible for complying with and enforcing the Werfen Code of Ethics.

Budget managed (if applicable)


Internal Networking/Key relationships

To be determined based on department needs, to include interactions such as:

  • Sales
  • Logistics
  • Customer service
  • Technical service
  • Finance
  • Quality
  • Tenders

Skills & Capabilities:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Team Development

Werfen People Manager Competencies: (applicable if in a People Manager Position)

The following competencies form part of the competency model for People Manager at Werfen and form part of our mindset around People Management and Leadership.  We expect all People Managers of Werfen not only to demonstrate, but also to constantly continue to develop, the following competencies:


  • Building Talent: Planning and supporting the development of individuals’ knowledge, skills, and abilities so that they can fulfill current or future job responsibilities more effectively.
  • Customer Focus: Ensuring that the internal or external customer’s perspective is a driving force behind strategic priorities, business decisions, organizational processes, and individual activities, crafting and implementing service practices that meet customers’ and own organization’s needs; promoting and operationalizing customer service as a value.
  • Decision Making: Identifying and understanding problems and opportunities by gathering, analyzing, and interpreting quantitative and qualitative information; choosing the best course of action by establishing clear decision criteria, generating and evaluating alternatives, and making timely decisions; taking action that is consistent with available facts and constraints and optimizes probable consequences.
  • Driving for Results: Setting high goals for personal and group accomplishment; using measurement methods to monitor progress toward goals; tenaciously working to meet or exceed goals while deriving satisfaction from that achievement and continuous improvement.
  • Driving Innovation:  Creating an environment (culture) that inspires people to generate novel solutions with measurable value for existing and potential customers (internal or external) ; encouraging experimentation with new ways to solve work problems and seize opportunities that result in unique and differentiated solutions.
  • Emotional Intelligence Essentials: Establishing and sustaining trusting relationships by accurately perceiving and interpreting own and others’ emotions and behavior; leveraging insights to effectively manage own responses so that one’s behavior matches one’s values and delivers intended results.

Min Knowledge & Experience required for the position:

  • Education: Healthcare sector, Chemistry, Business Administration
  • Experience:
    • Marketing
    • IVD Sector
  • Additional Skills/Knowledge:
    • CRM
    • SAP
    • Language: 80% English

International Mobility:

  • Required: N/A

Travel requirements:

  • Up to 50% of time

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