GEM Premier Product Manager

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UK Field Based Role
United Kingdom

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JOB DESCRIPTION: GEM Premier Product Manager

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Department: Acute Care Diagnostics

Country: Warrington UK


Job Summary

To maximize sales of Werfen GEM Premier Blood Gas Systems by the orchestration of a highly professional sales and marketing support function to both current and potential customers.

  • GEM Premier 4000
  • GEM Premier 5000
  • GEM Premier Chem Stat
  • Future GEM Premier Blood Gas products
  • GEMweb Plus
  • Werfen Touch
  • Werfen Academy

This is to be achieved by the training and support of Acute Care Sales Managers, along with specific individual responsibilities focused on sales, marketing and support activities.

Key Accountabilities

  • In coordination with Acute Care Business Manager promotes the development of and maintenance of KOL relationships.  This could be the lead POC manager in Werfen and competitive accounts.
  • In coordination with Acute Care Business Manager develop Health Care Economic (HCE) models.  Organise and execute Sales Manager training in the correct use of HCE tools.
  • Capable of presenting GEM Premier Blood Gas products and concepts to NHS Trust, end-user groups, consultant groups and expert meetings.
  • Understands all performance advantages of GEM Premier Blood Gas Products.  Understands the technical aspects of Werfen GEM Premier Blood Gas and competitive products.
  • Review SBU marketing communication and disseminate information to Acute Care sales team.
  • Review Werfen Touch, and when appropriate, update the Acute Care sales team with new content.
  • Organise and execute Acute Care sales force training and motivation.  This will involve dynamic information updates on both competitive threats and GEM Premier product features benefits.  Also competitive weaknesses and strategies to exploit those weaknesses.
  • Organise and execute Acute Care Team clinical training via Werfen Academy.
  • Be responsible for identifying UK or local exhibition to attend.
  • Be responsible for mapping the market and identifying area of threat and opportunity.
  • Liaison with key market influencers including Centres of Excellence.  Liaison with the UK Medical Devices Agency regarding evaluation of Werfen and competitor products.
  • The Product Manager will be responsible for the creation and implementation of an induction training program for newly recruited Acute Care AM for the products in their responsibility.  As part of this process a core training manual will need to be created.
  • The Product Manager will create, coordinate and continually update a competitor information database.  Critical information should be immediately disseminated to the Acute Care Business Manager and Sales Manager.
  • Have primary responsibility for the completion of Acute Care Blood Gas tenders.
    1. Work with AS Manager to ensure training and installation tender section complete
    2. Work with IT BM to ensure ZGP has associated costs included
    3. Organise clarification question meeting with relevant Sales and Account Manager
    4. Ensure Sales Manager have all necessary information to complete ZGP
    5. Work with IT BM to ensure relevant tender section is complete
    6. Complete all other parts of the tender
    7. Finished response to shared with BM, SM and AM 5 business days before return date
  • The Product Manager should review scientific journals for relevant papers/articles and industry magazines for pertinent topics.
  • Manages and drives internal projects with minimal supervision.
  • Be familiar with Value and Strategic Selling process.
  • Maintain regular communications with technical services on any problems with GEM Premier Blood Gas Product.
  • Work with the SBU (US Strategic Business Unit) on the introduction of new GEM Premier Blood Gas products to the market.
  • Aide the Acute Care Business Manager with the organisation of an agenda for Acute Care Departments Sales meetings.   
  • General product information gathering and feedback to aid the Product Manager function.

Networking/Key relationships

  • Internal Networking

Account Manager other business unit

BUM other business unit

General Manager


  • Key Relationship

Acute Care AS manager and team

Acute Care Sales Manager and team

Acute Care Business Manager


Technical Services Team

Minimum Knowledge & Experience required for the position:

Proficient business or related experience. Proficient computer skills, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SAP and other corporate tools.

  • Customer dynamics (their processes, value chain…)
  • IVD market
  • Competitor dynamics
  • Company products, solutions and services in terms of impact on the customer’s value chain (Clinical, Economical, and Organisational). Familiarity with Health Economics
  • Selling techniques
  • Applicable norms to tendering processes
  • Minimum three years marketing experience
  • Marketing quaification would be an advantage

Skills & Capabilities:

  • Team working
  • Delivers results
  • Customer focus
  • Relationship management
  • Negotiation capabilities
  • Flexibility and adaptability to a fast changing environment
  • Seizes accountability
  • Solid business and financial Acumen

Travel requirements:

  • Approximately 25% of time