Werfen ’s success and reputation stems from our specific focus on certain key market segments, our commitment to and understanding of our customers, and our dedication to innovation and quality. Eight, state-of-the-art R&D and manufacturing facilities around the world enable us to maintain a vigorous program of research and development, while at the same time partnering with internationally renowned universities and scientific organizations. We also develop programs to help leading scientists broaden their skills and remain abreast of emerging technologies.

Thanks to our continuous investment in R&D and dedicated specialized teams, Werfen has been at the forefront of decades of landmark discoveries, including the first direct-reading pH/blood gas analyzer and the invention of CO-oximetry, the first fully automated coagulation system and more than 50 biomarkers in the Autoimmunity market.

Over 10% of our employees are engaged full time in R&D across our companies. A total amount of 63 M € was invested in this chapter in 2013 - representing a 18% increase in R&D investment compared to 2012.


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